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Water saving toilet cistern inlet valve ( bottom inlet ) adjustable height


Most toilet cisterns are configured to deliver a pre-determined water capacity flush every time the WC us used. Typically this is 7 or 9 litres. This will usually be sufficient to clear the pan.

However, as soon as the lever is depressed most inlet valves immediately start to refill the cistern. Water is then entering the cistern and leaving it at the same time. Water will continue to enter until the flush is complete and will mean that more water has been used than was required.

This ingenious inlet valve delays the start of the water entering the cistern after the flushing process has begun.Over long periods this can save a significant amount of water and can provide noticeable cost savings for metered installations.

  • Bottom inlet adjustable from 203mm (8") to 292mm (11.5") high
  • Supplied complete with float and full, easy to follow instructions.
  • Equilibrium design for quiet operation.
  • 1/2" BSP brass inlet to help prevent cross threading
  • Float arm easy adjustment to precisely set water level
  • Compact design (Click small photo 2 for sizes)
  • British design and manufacturer

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